Furthermore, behind every client case we take stands our devotion, integrity and reputation, thus maximising our clients’ investment in legal services. You can consult our lawyers for any matter related to: This is just a brief overview of the wide array of services that Fadiga & Co offers to its clients both locally and abroad.

To understand the broad range of our provided services you must check out this page.

Our lawyers use and apply the law in their specialised fields in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients.

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Our lawyers are capable of providing the best possible advice to business owners, immigrants, aspiring immigrants, students, couples, single parents, elderly people, public bodies, convicted people and asylum seekers.

Our lawyers are specialists in their respective fields and each of them have unique qualifications through which we are able to tailor our strategies and methods according to the needs of the clients. If a client feels that meeting in person or visiting us will be more suitable for him/her then we would welcome that.

Our lawyers are specialists, each with unique qualifications, and through that we can tailor our strategy to the needs of our clients We have managed to expand our reach to all over London with offices in Balham, Stratford and Central London.

Fadiga & Co is a unique law firm in various respects; we have hired some of the most specialised and reliable lawyers in London, who specialize in diverse fields of law and come from different backgrounds.

To achieve this, we ensure that we understand our client’s instructions without any ambiguity.

Most of our lawyers are multilingual and whenever possible, we speak to our clients in the language they understand.

This was a deliberate effort since Fadiga & Co is a company dedicated to offering fool-proof advices and consultation/solicitation in a variety of legal matters not just one.

Our growth has been a product of our simple mission: to provide reliable, professional and accessible legal services.

The idea is to make our services easily accessible, affordable and reliable for every individual who needs legal guidance.