Once you download it once through the new i Message App Store, you can start video chats with up to nine people at a time in your existing i Message conversations without opening a separate application.Because it runs through i Message, it can only be used in conversations with other i Phone or i Pad owners.But since the launch of Fam, the founders had to raise an emergency interim round of financing to keep the new app afloat.

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Within two days, they had a working version of the Fam app.

And within four days, they submitted the first Fam iteration to the i Message App Store. That weekend project has taken a life of its own and exploded in popularity, particularly with 13 to 22-year-olds.

Will Apple build its own group video chat tool and eliminate the need for a product like Fam? If Fam is successful, it gives Apple the ability to tout the innovation coming out of its new i Message App Store.

It also doesn’t hurt that millions of people are spending more and more time in i Message.

Like with Face Time – but unlike almost every other competitor – Duo only needs a phone number to talk to someone.

Most other services, including similar ones made by Google, require that both people sign up and register new usernames.

There are a few more kinks the company has to iron out.

Right now, there are numerous steps a user has to go through to download the Fam app.

The three co-founders wanted to find a way to give users a more private experience exclusively for their family and friends.

“We were trying to think of solutions to build a home for these people who wanted to use it as a private group Face Time feature,” Stuto says.

Flybridge Capital, Boston Seed Capital, and Wayne Chang, who led Smack’s seed round, have re-committed in the interim round.