You'll be the comfortable, familiar choice when it comes to whatever his needs may be.

Additionally, there's a good chance your ex was thinking a lot about you during the time he was dating his new girlfriend...

It always hurts to think of your boyfriend with another girl, but if you really want him back, you need to look at the big picture.

This is because he never had time to process his feelings for you, or to get over the breakup.

Instead, your ex chose to quickly in order to move forward with his new girlfriend.

Being in proper position when your ex's rebound romance blows up is crucial.

You need to be confident, positive, and ready to help him through whatever comes next.

He may be emotional, and he may have residual feelings for this girl.

You can't show weakness or jealousy here - you need to be his rock.

especially toward the end, when he realized things just weren't working out.

Odds are good he was thinking back to the awesome times the two of you had together and wondering why he dumped you in the first place.

Instead of envisioning the two of them kissing, hugging, and everything else, think ahead to the time in the not-so-distant future when the two of you will be wrapped in each other's arms again.

By realizing that , you can put aside the jealousy and try to minimize the pain.

One of the best chances you have of getting back together with your ex lies in this one simple fact: most rebound relationships fail within the first month, or possibly two.