J Edu Health Promot [serial online] 2017 [cited 2018 Jan 12];. 2017/6/1/67/212619Todays, no one can deny the importance of information and its role in the development of societies.

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Materials and Methods: This is an applied survey performed using content analysis method.

The data gathering tool was a checklist designed by the researcher.

Keywords: Content analysis, health information, pediatrics, widely circulated newspaper How to cite this URL: Zare-Farashbandi F, Amini F, Rahimi A, Kelishadi R.

A content analysis of pediatric information in widely circulated newspapers in Iran.

Pediatric information concentrates on medical and health care and information for infants, children, and teenagers from birth to 18 years of age.

Economic, social, and cultural development of every society depends on its human development which depends on physical, mental, and social health of member of the society.Due to their ease of access and transportation, cheap price and possibility of use at any time and place, longer history, and function as historical documents, these printed newspapers have retained their place among general populace.One of the topics that from time to time appears on the pages of newspapers and is popular among people, especially with mothers, is pediatric information.From a total of 694 issues of investigated newspapers, 426 articles (3019 messages) related to pediatrics were extracted.Each newspaper contribution to this total includes Jam-e-Jam: 216 articles (50.7%), Ettelaat: 113 articles (26.5%), Iran: 77 articles (18%), Kayhan: 15 articles (3.5%), and Resalat: 5 articles (1.17%).[Table 1] shows the topics of pediatric-related messages in the newspapers.In this regard, childhood is the most important and influential period in providing, maintaining, and improving health situation in societies that can ensure future social development.