The former England striker (pictured, top) provided an autograph for Trading Standards investigators to prove it wasn't the same as the one faked on a Manchester United shirt by David Rennie (pictured, below right).Rennie claimed he had a team who spent hours waiting outside football training grounds for stars like Rooney, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to sign goods like shirts, balls and boots.To customize your pop-up form, follow these next steps.

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He said nation would be forced to take people from 'high crime...countries which are doing badly.' On Thursday, Trump, frustrated with America's continued responsibility for immigrants fleeing Third World natural disasters, asked members of Congress Thursday in vulgar terms why the United States had to shoulder such a burden.

'Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?

We ask that you respect the family's privacy at this time.' Ms Shelton has since deleted the message and posted a video (right) on her Twitter page this afternoon to say she had been 'hacked'.

A source close to the star's family, who still refer to her as Rodrigo, told Mail Online that her relatives thought she had actually died and were 'grieving this morning', but also revealed that some suspect it was a publicity stunt.

The real autograph and the fake are ringed in the inset picture.

US President Donald Trump (right, pictured yesterday in Washington) has condemned his predecessor Barack Obama for selling the old site on Grosvenor Square (top left) in London's Mayfair 'for peanuts'.

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Social media users have poked fun at Donald Trump's 'rubbish excuse' for cancelling his trip to London by offering their own amusing reasons for the no-show.