Otherwise, Eclipse will NOT pick up your executable as you build them.Since my build folder name is certi_build, a CMake file like below should work (notice the difference in project name and executable name) You can edit your CMake file inside of Eclipse CDT, a plugin called CMake Ed can help you with this task.

eclipse updating links source folders-71

This assumption clashes with the fact that CMake generated files should stay in the build tree whereas source files (which are usually those handled by a versioning system) reside in the source tree.

We recommend that you use the [Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers] (

Make sure you set your CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE to Debug if you want to debug your project with gdb inside of Eclipse CDT.

This is not done automatically (especially when using cmake-gui) (IMPORTANT) Your project name should be different from your executable name and different from your build folder name.

Be sure to have a proper CMake file in the src directory.

For instance, if you get an error such as Undefined Reference when you import into Eclipse, make sure you have the TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES set correctly.Before getting started, you'll need to have a few Eclipse plug-ins installed to help with development. release=kepler should have all plugins you need for this project included except for google plugins for eclipse kepler, so use eclipse IDE software install feature in the help dropdown menu - Install new software, and add this link to available site (google plugins for eclipse kepler - https://dl.google.com/eclipse/plugin/4.3 - https://dl.google.com/eclipse/plugin/4.3), then install it.To know what components you will need specifically for this project read on).Do this via Window-Console, and uncheck "Limit console output" window" (or increase console buffer size).Just be sure to clear the console occasionally with the button in the Console view to avoid chewing up extra memory.The Eclipse project generator therefore creates a linked resource to the source tree in the Eclipse project. This linked resource isn't created if the build directory is a subdirectory of the source directory because Eclipse doesn't allow loading projects which have linked resources pointing to a parent directory.