The following is a complete episode list for the television show Phineas and Ferb, which was first broadcast on August 17, 2007.

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Doofenshmirtz creates a device to make people's voices higher so his own voice will seem lower but instead, it gets even higher. Phineas and Ferb help Candace learn how to parallel park by building a monster truck track in the backyard. Doofenshmirtz is marketing his new line of monster trucks to investors, and proceeds to try and get rid of the competition.

The boys make the biggest ice-cream maker for Isabella after her tonsils are taken out. Guest voice: Billy Ray Cyrus as Buck Buckerson Isabella's dog Pinky eats her sash, so the boys build a mini-submarine to retrieve it, except they end up someplace else. Doofenshmirtz's latest scheme specifically threatens Phineas and Ferb.

Guest voice: April Winchell as Blanca Dishon and Kevin Michael Richardson as P. Otter The Flynn-Fletcher family goes to London, where Candace and Stacy dress up as Sherlock Holmes to bust Phineas and Ferb. Doofenshmirtz plans to move Big Ben to the tri-state area, where Agent Double O-O helps Perry thwart his plan.

Thanks to Stacy's advice, Candace tries to figure out how Phineas and Ferb's crazy creations disappear every time before their mom sees it.

Doofenshmirtz creates a machine that causes people to dance uncontrollably.

Candace and Vanessa accidentally get their clothes switched at the dry cleaners. Doofenshmirtz builds his own evil empire on an inner tube and Vanessa tries to bust him.

Phineas and Ferb build a rocket to visit their star.

Doofenshmirtz is also in space, seeking revenge on an adolescent nemesis. Phineas and Ferb try to search for Nosey, and Candace tries to become a lifeguard alongside Jeremy. Doofenshmirtz tries to remove all the zinc from the lake's waters.

Doofenshmirtz from taking over the Tri-State Area with a giant building-shaped robot. Phineas and Ferb enter the Swamp Oil 500 after upgrading mom's car.

Doofenshmirtz tries to deflate everything in the Tri-State Area from his blimp.

Meanwhile, with the annoyance of the mid-summer festival, Dr.