Bailey Ash/California, USA dated at 3.4 million years, vs.

Joachimstal, Bohemia; and (3) 440 million years, the age of the uranium-bearing shale at Gullhogen, Sweden.

The age of the Swedish shale is the only one of these that is paleontologically controlled . All other absolute ages have been derived from the three radioactive tie points by interpolation based on thickness of strata or by 'reasoned guesses.' "*Adolph Knopf, "Measuring Geologic Time," in Scientific Monthly, November 1957, p. (Italics ours.)In other words, out of tens of thousands of tests only three radioactive samples have been found to be near enough to rock strata age theories to be usable, and two of them are just interpolated guesses based on "strata thickness." Evolutionists use but three undiscarded radiodatings to vindicate the reliability of the hundred-year-old strata and fossil dating theory!

The Carboniferous level is claimed to have been formed 310 to 405 million years in the past.

Tuffs/Andscollo, Argentina dated at 85 million years, vs.

But three successes out of hundreds of thousands of test failures was enough to make their fossil/strata theory "scientific." It is on this basis that evolutionary scientists now grandly proclaim that the fossiliferous strata have been dated by radioactive minerals!

The following quotation may be somewhat difficult to understand because of its big words, but what it is trying to say is that radioactive dating is worthless in providing us with datings for anything in the history of our world (including the appearance of species, other events, or the age of the planet itself):"The literature contains few age determinations (perhaps no more than one) on syngenetic radionuclides from paleontologically defined stratigraphic units, and almost all radioactive age determinations are made on igneous, hydrothermally introduced, or secondarily transported minerals that cannot as a rule be referred to a precisely defined place in the stratigraphic succession.granite/Saxony, East Germany dated at 2,500 million years.The Devonian level is claimed to have been formed 405 to 435 million years in the past.So, I segued into acting, the other thing that was also meaningful to me.In chapters 17 and 19, (Fossils and Strata, and Effects of the Flood) we will discuss the strata dating method in detail.Without it, the whole thing collapses) (1) None of the other dating methods (the twelve methods discussed in this present chapter) are reliable, but instead are in continual conflict with one another and with fossil/strata dating conclusions. In chapter 17 (Fossils and Strata) we shall discuss in detail the problems associated with fossil and strata dating, but let us right now put to rest a frequently-stated misconception: that radiodating methods have successfully dated and positively established as reliable the dating system conjectures in the so-called "geologic column" of rock strata. ONLY THREE USABLE TEST RESULTS in reality, it is impossible to date sedimentary rock strata and the fossils within it by radioactive mineral dating.