Let’s backtrack, and I’ll walk you through what we’ve been doing. Holding Rocky’s leash in one hand, and a cane in the other makes doors tricky if I am out on my own, plus doors are often heavy.Some doors, like at grocery stores, are operated by sensors, so that’s no problem. The idea is to train Rocky to push those buttons, so that I don’t have to.I logged into my 24Pet Watch account, to see if I could just add an animal.

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All it takes is a keystroke for them to erroneously assign your number to someone else.

Lesson learned – periodically check your accounts, and make sure your dog or cat is still registered to you, regardless of how many promises the company has made.

We just returned from a five-day trip to San Diego (more about Rocky’s first plane rides and other adventures in upcoming posts! Ripley, my now officially retired service dog, and Malakai, our pit cross, along with the four cats, stayed home with our pet sitter Ashley.

Ashley has stayed with our animals several times now, although only a couple of times with Ripley, as Rocky has only been “in service” and going on trips with us since last fall, and we haven’t gone out of town that often.

How do you train a dog to push a button that’s up on the wall?

At American Service Dogs, there is a practice button, so I knew I would work up to this gradually. The basic command you use is “Touch.” Jared started me out on that, showing me how.

I had done this only in September, when I officially changed Rocky’s records from American Service Dogs over to my personal ownership. I figured I was merely looking in the wrong place on the website, so I called customer support.

When I reached the representative, I explained my dilemma. Rocky was transferred to a new owner in October.” I said, “What?

Because Ashley has become a regular pet sitter/house sitter for us, much of it is now routine, but I still update all the data, and make sure everything is in order.