I sense her slip just a bit in my arms, I realize she's pointing my cock directly at her hole, then swiftly I feel the shaft being surrounded by soft skin, warmer than the water by far. I'm trying to maintain my upright stance, we're not moving at all. Her arms are around my neck, her legs around the small of my back, I'm buried deep inside her. She's light as a kitten in the water, I manipulate her for my selfish pleasure, all he while she's whining, "That's it, enjoy yourself." A few thrusts, I pull her groin as close to mine as possible, I feel the semen rise.For the first time in a dozen years, I'm making love to a woman who's name isn't Elissa. "Fill me up," Randi encourages, "come inside me." And I do, it seems as if a liter of my juice spurts into her, I lose my balance, we falter in the water, I continue to squirt. If that's not to your liking, perhaps you'd prefer other stories.

Randi's on the side of the pool, much as she always is, reclining against the rim, doing leg-lifts, her husband's nowhere in sight.

But instead of her usual black one-piece swimming suit, she's wearing nothing but skin. Yes, surprisingly I've got enough vodka for maybe four short drinks, and two bottles of tonic.

She moved out to live with her parents right after school ended in June.

She told me when she left that it's just a separation, not a divorce, not yet, but I'm not sure about that.

I caught her having an affair last winter, I was pissed as hell but I didn't throw her ass out.

I still love her, and if this becomes permanent that'll mean I'll only see my son every other weekend until he gets too busy in high school to want to spend time with his old man.Sudden passion is compelling me to let Randi have what she wants.I hold her ass with both of my hands, stroll a few feet into still deeper water, where I can barely stand.I won't see Caleb, my son, this is his mom's weekend.It's been his first week of school, I can't help but wonder what he'll be doing, I know he's got a cross country meet tomorrow, maybe I'll drive the hour up and watch him, even if I do get shit about it from Elissa.Randi's a nice person, she and Elissa get along pretty well, she told me once she was as shocked as I was when she found out about Elissa's affair.