Sexual morality of this sort followed the Spanish into its colonies in the New World. Strangely no law was passed prohibiting homosexuality (Carale, 1970); although during this time, the United States was beginning to actively prohibit homosexuality within its own shores.

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Moreover, there have been studies that would indicate that the Philippines was a relatively tolerant nation of gays.

The two major colonizers were homophobic; hence, the roots of such tolerance might be of pre-colonial origin, carried over within Philippine society.

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Allan De Guzman, Cora Parco, Martin Guasch and Luz Urquiola, and the University of Santo Tomas in Manila.

Hence, by utilizing interviews of older gay Filipinos who recalled the 60s, this research uncovered a hidden past in an era and in a country untouched by strict homophobia.

The evidence suggests that this relative tolerance of Philippine homosexuality was not the influence of either the Spanish or American colonizers. Spain was, after all, home of the inquisition, and executed hundreds of males who were caught having sex with each other during the 1500s (Berco, 2008, p.

The Spanish model of homosexuality is different from the Philippine.

Spain was a firmly patriarchal culture (Berco, 2008).

Tolerance was also dependent on the roles played by the participants in the act of homosexual sex itself.