However, the implementation of the core principle across studies can vary greatly across a spectrum, from minimal engagement to fully collaborative partnerships.A major methodological gap is in the assessment of stakeholder engagement from the stakeholder perspective—something that results from the lack of existing measures.There is a need to rigorously evaluate the impact of community/stakeholder engagement on the development, implementation, and outcomes of research studies, and this requires the development and validation of tools that can assess stakeholder engagement.

developing and validating trust measures-57developing and validating trust measures-81developing and validating trust measures-36

Multistep psychometric tests demonstrate that the new brand trust scale is reliable and valid.

We develop a reliable and valid scale for brand trust. In the first study, we empirically test and reduce the initial item pool, and in the sec-ond, we verify the reliability of the remaining items on another sample.

behavior of teachers and staff that inspires trust of the students.

In the light of attribute the , we examined the importance of these two characteristics: 1) having the well-educated teachers, capable of answering to the students’ questions; 2) interest and support of teachers and staff in solving students’ problems.

We will examine the psychometric properties (e.g., reliability, sensitivity to change), correlative/convergent validity with the trust in medical researchers scale, and determine appropriate categorization for the tool that will classify projects into one of four categories: 1) coordination, 2) cooperation, 3) collaboration, and (4) patient centered.

Cognitive response testing will be used to retest survey questions to improve reliability and validity of the self-reported measures.We will develop a shorter version of the community engagement measure to be used in these settings both in static form and using a computer-adaptive testing algorithm.Participants of research studies all along the community engagement spectrum will be recruited from Washington University School of Medicine (St.The purpose of paper is focus attention on that can be assigned to qualitative attributes.The methodological part contains the results of a questionnaire survey conducted on a sample of 150 students of University of Zilina.The expert review panel will consist of a broad range of stakeholders (e.g., patients, caregivers, advocacy groups, clinicians, researchers).