When your ex told you to watch that show about zombies, you refused.Now that you’ve broken up, you decide to watch it, because they mentioned it.

desperate dating signs-4

This is the most definite sign that you are still attached to your ex.

Although it is a negative emotion, hate can sometimes feel stronger than attraction.

It’s okay if you became friends with their friends during the relationship.

If you’re doing this after you’ve broken up, review your motivations, because you could be involving innocent people in a very awkward situation.

You buy more clothes that they used to think looked cute on you.

You hear about the new person they’re dating and you try to emulate that person.

#7 Going to places that your ex frequents even if you don’t need to.

If you met your ex at your usual hangout or at work, that’s fair grounds for the both of you.

You say you only date athletes when the only athlete you’ve dated was your ex.