For sheer visual panache, elegant performances, and compelling storytelling, was nominated for Academy Awards for Cinematography, Music, Costume Design, and Production Design.

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The dancers make strange sweeping motions with their hands that seem to be emblematic of some choreographed rite rather than actual ballroom dancing motions.

At a later party, women flutter their fans in unison like stylized swan wings; while Anna’s own fan movements later echo both the pulse of her own beating heart and the approaching hoof-beats of racing horses.

The film offers strong performances from its ensemble cast, among them: Keira Knightly (as the passionate Anna, who is stifled by the demands propriety makes upon her); Jude Law (as her stiff, duty-bound, but still sympathetic husband); Kelly Macdonald (as Anna’s sweet sister-in-law Dolly); Matthew Macfadyen, who was Darcy to Keira Knightley’s Elisabeth in (here playing her brother Stiva); Alicia Vikander (as Kitty) and Domhnall Gleeson (as Lavin).

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is something of an acquired taste as Count Vronsky, the man with whom Anna conceives an all-consuming passion.

“Crazy Stupid Love” (USA, 2011) (B): When you meet your soul-mate, it’s , right? He met the love of his life, Emily (Julianne Moore), in his teens.

She was his first and only love, and he never dreamt that that could change — right up until the day she abruptly announces (in the first few minutes of the film) that she wants a divorce. He retreats, in self-pity, to the local bar that happens to be the chief playing field of Jacob (Ryan Gosling), a smooth operator and expert pick-up artist who leaves with a different beautiful woman on his arm every night.Many scenes literally take place inside an old ornate theater, with groups of office workers moving in choreographed unison, one scene gradually bleeding into another, and a character leaving a formal party by climbing a ladder leading to the catwalks overhead.This stylized and overtly theatrical approach is visually intriguing — rich with opulent costumes and sets — but it also keeps those scenes at one remove from the viewer on an emotional level, insofar as the artifice of the storytelling becomes a deliberate part of how the story unfolds.has an appealing cast, with John Carroll Lynch in an amusing turn as an irate father, and Kevin Bacon as ‘the other man,’ in addition to all the appealing players named above.Co-directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, the film was nominated for a Golden Globe as Best Actor (Ryan Gosling).At first, he comes across as rather too young and too ‘pretty;’ but, as the story progresses, he develops more facets.