They were both married a long time and they're really not ready to date again, but their friends keep telling them they have to move on.

So, somehow they get set up on this blind date and it doesn't go well. He says all the wrong things and drinks her beer, and then she ends up choking on her soup and that's pretty much the high point of the evening." 'They almost start to get into a rhythm several times but it goes awry each time and that's so true to life," adds Drew Barrymore.

and of course, good old-fashioned booty calls gone wrong.

'We were all very young and having a great time and I think so much of what worked on that movie came from how easily the two of them played off each other and could joke around and make each other laugh. It's their familiarity and comfort with each other that makes them comedically fearless.

And because of their mutual respect and affection for one another, no matter how far they push their feisty banter, there is always an undertone of sweetness that comes through." 'We really do like each other and have tremendous respect for each other," says Adam Sandler, before citing what he believes may be the real secret of their success as a movie couple: 'We also have zero attraction to one another.

Newlyweds Eddy and Ginger, played by Kevin Nealon and Jessica Lowe, are clearly having an entirely different experience than Jim and Lauren. 'Oh boy," says Jessica Lowe, making her feature film debut, 'I do a lot of giggling in this movie.

They can't keep their hands off each other, to their everlasting delight and to the disgust and mortification of Eddy's teenage son, who exudes all the goodwill of a hostage at the table. The first time I appear on screen is the dinner scene and I'm making out with Kevin Nealon, one of my comedy idols, so I was a little nervous and excited anyway.

'" Rather than a fresh start, the encounter only strengthens their resolve to re-focus on their children and jobs and forget about dating for the foreseeable future. But circumstances then intervene in the form of Lauren's best friend and business partner, Jen, played by Wendi Mc Lendon-Covey.

If Jim and Lauren exemplify some of the dilemmas and conflicted desires of single parents on the dating circuit, Jen proudly represents the opposite end of the spectrum: single, unfettered and working it.Either way, it often starts with the most important element of all: a sense of humour." Nickens: Welcome to our first annual Blended Family Week.I'm looking at all you beautiful children, step-children, step-dads, step-moms, same-sex domestic partners, involved donors…'We thought it could be more interesting for two people to have a disastrous blind date and then be forced together with their kids to share a family vacation," says Ivan Menchell.On top of that, 'They take over this package from someone else, with all the things those other people had put into play, whether a romantic dinner or what the kids were going to do, so these two are now living someone else's dream, which is their nightmare." Additionally, says Clare Sera, 'We wanted to have a place where they would be confined and couldn't leave, so, once they both committed to the package, there was no way out." Placing the story in such an exotic and expansive setting also goes a long way toward dragging Jim and Lauren out of their daily routines and comfort zones"as well as, maybe, their assumptions about each other"and toward a rush of experiences they couldn't have imagined having, let alone enjoying, weeks ago. 'In some ways," Frank Coraci suggests, 'Dating with kids isn't essentially that much different than dating without kids.In fact, she and Dick had just crossed the L-word threshold and were planning a spectacular getaway at a South African safari resort when, as Jen would say, he dropped the bomb.