but Listerine Antiseptic kills bac- teria by millions, gives you proven lasting antiseptic pro- tection against bad breath. New Mum with M-3 won't irritate normal skin or damage fabrics Proved in underarm comparison tests made by a doctor. Only leading deodorant containing no strong chemical astringents — will not block pores. Won't rot or discolor fabrics — certified by American Institute of Laundering. by Kevin Burke 46 LOVE CAME FIRST (Cyd Charisse-Tony Martin) by Alice Finletter 48 CHANGE OF HEART (Pier Angeli) by Alice Hoffman 52 SOUND OF THUNDER (Bob Francis) by Toni Noel 54 MEET MAGGIE Mc NAMARA by Kirtley Baskette 57 RIGHT GUY ("Guy Madison) by Jack Wade 58 bonus pin-up section DECEMBER BEAUTY FAIR KING'S ROW Liz Taylor 34 Tyrone Power 40 Debra Paget 35 Gregory Peck 40 „ M „ William Holden 41 Betty Grable 36 Gary Cooper 42 Susan Hay ward 36 John Wayne 42 Jean Peters 36 Burt Lancaster 42 Robert Taylor 42 Dons Day 37 Clark Gable 43 featurettes JOHN'S OTHER LIFE (John Derek) 2 3 IF YOU LOVE MARIO (Mario Lanza) 60 BESIEGED. SAXON editor DURBIN HORNER executive editor CARL SCHROEDER western manage! MAYER, associate editor MARILYN REISS, production editor KATIE ROBINSON, western editor FERNANDO TEXIDOR, art director BILL WEINBERGER, art editor BOB BEERMAN, staff photographer BERT PARRY, staff photographer RUTH RAKOW, research editor NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS Changes ol address should reach us five weeks in advance of the next issue date. Office of publication at Washington and South Aves., Dunellen, N. Executive and editorial offices 261 Fifth Avenue, New York 16, N. Dell Subscription Service: 10 West 33rd St., New York 1, N. All rights reserved under the Buenos Aires Convention. That's why lovely women use FRESH Cream Deodorant, always!

DOCTOR'S DEODORANT DISCOVERY SAFELY STOPS ODOR 24 HOURS A DAY! Creamier texture- new Mum won't dry out in the jar. Gentle, safe, dependable — ideal for sanitary napkins, too. NEW MUM cream deodorant with long- lasting M-3 (hexachlorophene) a product of bristol-myers December, 1954 AMERICA'S GREATEST MOVIE MAGAZINE modern screen MODERN SCREEN'S 8-page gossip extra LOUELLA PARSONS IN HOLLYWOOD g stories AIM FOR THE STARS by Eddie Fisher 29 *HAS KELLY FOUND HER MAN? by Steve Cronin 30 ALWAYS LEAD WITH YOUR HEART (Alan Ladd) by John Maynard 32 PAPA LOVES MAMA (Jane Powell) \ by Ida Zeitlin 38 COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS (Ann Blyth) by William Barbour 44 WHAT CHILLED ROCK HUDSON'S ROMANCE? International copyright secured under the provisions of the Revised Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. You're lovely to look at, lovely to be near- on/y when underarms stay dry, odorless.

Every week on television — 'THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE & HARRIET" LISTERINE ANTISEPTIC STOPS BAD BREATH 4 times better than any tooth paste NEW! Los Angeles advertising and editorial offices, 8701 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, California. Delacorte, Jr., President, Helen Meyer, Vice-Pres.,- Albert P. Published simultaneously in the Dominion of Canada. NO STAIN FRESH KEEPS UNDERARMS DRY NO ODOR FRESH KEEPS UNDERARMS DRY MB Are you You ond your lovely clothes ore safe with Fresh Lovely to Love ?

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Dora might have given her the answer* but she simply couldn't bring herself to do it. Listerine is the extra-careful precaution against offending . Her luxurious head of curls, shaped by studio hairdressers since she was a child, continued to be shaped by them.

Why was it, Sarah wondered, that Dora got all the dates and she got none. Isn't it foolish to risk bad breath when Listerine Antiseptic will rid you of it instantly, and usually for hours on end? Color blends with clothes None Peach- colored cream type Red and pink Cocktail, full glam- our treatment for evening JEAN PETERS Size 12 Brown Sleek, well- br Ushed, shaped upward for height Doe-eyes Brown mas- cara, greenish eyeshadow Red Little Likes a tanned, scrubbed skin Little Brown-grey to deep brown Suits, evening dresses DEBRA PAGET Size 8 Red (at the moment) Short, sculp- tured cut Doe eyes Bright shades Base color Reddish prints; went through violet phase at one time from full skirts to sheaths To her admiring public Elizabeth Taylor is the ultimate in natural beauty. But like many happily- endowed individuals Liz used to take her beauty for granted. She'd succumb to a manicure only when there was nothing more exciting to do.

Lipstick- is only make-up accent Light None Blue Sports clothes, form-revealing and feminine ELIZABETH TAYLOR Size 12 Post-pregnancy weight problem Blue-black Italian cut Blue-green eye shadow Lipstick matches clothes Olive Dark red White Tailored blouses, tightly belted full skirts | ; DORIS DAY Size 12 Tall-type (57") .

And research shows that your breath stays sweeter longer, de- pending upon the degree to which you reduce germs in the mouth. LA Fresh is a regislered trademark of The Pharma Crafi Corporallon. ufactunjd and distributed 65 BEAUTY FAIR ANALYSIS CHART NAME FIGURE HAIR EYES MOUTH POWDER ROUGE BEST COLORS BEST STYLES JANET LEIGH 38" bust 24" waist Tendency toward thinness Honey blonde Uses brown mascara and brown eye- pencil Clear tones.

You've probably never tried a treatment so effective. Blond oak (as shown) or mahogany — roomy drawer in base, top drawers simulated. Hostess outfit- suede leather pants and iridescent snakeskin jacket by Samuel Robert, Leather Industries. Famous Heart-Rest foam Latex pillow (available in three heights) by Playtex. This "forbidden" fragrance is famous the world over! What she used, she used too heavily in the wrong places.

These are the first, small warnings of skin "un-balance." Bui in the 1 to 3 hours t hat Nature lakes to re-protect your skin, more serious problems can take root. After each face washing— a quick "re-balancing." At bed- time—a deep Pond's clearing. That's why more women use and love Pond's Cold Cream than any other face cream ever made! 61 Engstead Modern Screen Gilts f ■ Lovely Mitzi Gaynor poses with a Lane Cedar Chest of fine modern design, a wonderful gift any girl would be proud to own. HOLLYWOOD APPROVES YOUR 62 ■ Glamorous Denise Darcel holds a special Christmas gift package of Dana's provocative Tabu perfume fragrance and cologne. Like many young and inexperienced girls, she knew very little about applying makeup. Her clothes are a bit more on the conservative side. Entered as second class matter September 18, 1930, at the post office at Dunellen, N. She has started to wear her hair long and loosely waved again and two shades darker. Names of characters used in semi-fictional matter are fictitious — if the name of any living person is used it is purely a coincidence' Trade mark No. ^(yugsm picked a million-dollai musical cast to tell {lie glorious story of the man whose songs won the heart of mencai WALTER PIDGEON ROSEMARY CLOONEY JANE POWELL ANN MILLER HOWARD KEEL JOSE FERRER MERLE OBERON * HELEN TRAUBEL DOE AVEDON • TAMARA TOUMANOVA • PAUL STEWART ISOBEL ELSOM • WILLIAM OLVIS • JAMES MITCHELL and Guest Stars PAUL HENREID GENE & FRED KELLY VIC DAMON E CYD CHARISSE TONY MARTIN TIP-OFF! A half dozen candid photos and a long, unbiased look in the mirror soon proved to her that she had swung the pendulum too hard and too far. The publishers accept no responsibility for the return of unsolicited material. The teaming of Bing and Danny for the first time will warm you all inside . K 4 Color ly TECHNICOLOR ROSEMARY I00NEY VERA ELLEN •ducedby ROBERT EMMETT DOLAN - Directed by MICH A EL CURTIZ I ASM A, NORMAN PANAMA and MELVIN FRANK.- A Paramount Picture PERIODIC PAIN Don't let the calendar make a slave of you, Betty! 1 anet is an open-minded and intelligent , young woman. Midol brings faster relief from menstrual pain -it relieves cramps, eases head- ache and chases the "blues." "WHAT WOMEN WANT TO KNOW" ^ a 24-page book explaining menstruation is yours, FREE. A few years ago, however, not long after she had married Tony, Janet, for reasons known only to herself, suddenly began to go to extremes. Simultaneously she be- gan buying some pretty daring clothes.