After a dozen years of marriage, all the trappings of day to day life, the person that you live with is usually well known to you.There are few secrets, if any, unless perhaps it is unspoken fantasies of the mind.Every inch of Kat's body was well familiar to me, mine to her.

After the movie we made it to the car out in the parking lot and her hand was down the front of my slacks before I could get the key in the switch. Usually though, it is a nice dinner, then some dancing to live music.

Those nights normally ended with Kat and I spending time enjoying each other at home, those private times were something we both looked forward to. I have known him from high school, he was always after all of the prettiest girls." "Well, that leaves me out I guess." "Bull shit, you are very pretty." I told her. But I doubt Rich is interested in me that way." "Uh huh." I probably sounded crabby, Kat went back into the kitchen.

The girls in our school really didn't smile at me much, in fact they didn't act like they even noticed me.

Then later in the library she sat across from me at the table I was sitting at, and smiled again.

Medium long sandy hair that she colored to a natural blond look, 5'5" tall and athletic.

The mild sway in her back is sexy, her belly is flat as a pancake and she works to keep it that way. One day late in our senior year in high school I saw her coming down the hallway, she smiled at me.The ones that waited until I was off to the restroom or up at the bar getting drinks just pissed me off, Kat discovered that about me very early on. I have a habit of checking the numbers, usually there are one or two calls. Kat admitted it but claimed all it was, was her Mother. I snooped, and in all the time Kat and I were together I never had.I might not be an oversized jock type but I tend to make up for it by being fast and on the strong side. I served him some coffee and then he left." I just looked at her. I think my reaction showed in my face because later Kat came into the living room. Rich told me he has always been jealous of you, you were the best in track and he said you were the only one he could never beat." "That guy is not jealous of me at all, and he won everything else. Not even to look in her purse, it was just the way things were.We had only been married for a few months at the time. "Pretty brand new red one." Henry muttered, then wandered off. That was unspoken, a tiny thing but a matter of total trust between us.I remember when Kat turned her head in surprise and realized I was upset, she instantly stepped back from the man. Rich didn't ask her to dance again that evening, which was probably a good thing. I asked Kat as soon as I finished the yard and put the mower away. Rich Trippen came by to show you his new car, he just got it I guess. In our basement was a phone jack but no phone on it, we had never bothered.There was a fairly new Impala SS sitting in the garage, a nice little crossover SUV that Kat preferred.