In it, she pointed out that although the doctors claim they’re killing Down syndrome babies to “prevent suffering”, those with Down’s have a very happy life and rank above average on personal fulfillment. Mancini quotes Sally Phillips, an actress famous for leading roles in several British sketch comedy shows and sitcoms who’s also the mother of a child with Down syndrome.

Almost every one of us has someone who we love or who loves us but has one of these conditions.

Just imagine if we as a society eliminated most of these people: all of us would lose somebody.

“Because, it’s where I Peter Singer, say so.” Peter Singer, in fact, argues for killing babies born with such conditions.

Once objective morality is gone, essentially might make right.

Iceland aborts about 98% of babies prenatally diagnosed with Down Syndrome and averages under 2 babies born with Down’s a year.

CBS recently featured Iceland as “the country where Down syndrome is disappearing,” and lauded how they have “virtually eliminate[d] Down syndrome.” Many pro-life groups quickly shot back that Iceland was boasting of no medical advance to accompany that statistic, only a death option. Mancini wrote an op-ed that was picked up by the Washington Post.

A 22-year-old woman from Minnesota is quickly earning the title of trailblazer after a pageant took place on Sunday. While she didn't move on to the final round, Holmgren's talent and charisma didn't go unnoticed. "I'm really proud of my parents and I'm really proud of myself," Holmgren said.

Mikayla Holmgren is believed to be the first person with Down syndrome to compete in a Miss U. She won two awards Sunday night - Spirit of Miss U. The audience gave Holmgren a standing ovation, and Kalie Wright was chosen as the next Miss Minnesota U.

You’re lucky, actually.” Beyond the obvious pro-life cause to prevent all abortion, I think there are three more important points for Catholics to consider regarding the Iceland story and the fact that in America the vast majority of babies testing positive for Down’s are aborted, too.