The latter is a key technique for achieving a low distortion oscillator.

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It set in motion my career as a director and my relationship with my father, but frankly, I can’t believe that I ever watched another movie again. Ensconced in my father’s Oldsmobile, we twisted our way through the curlicues of Rock Creek, rising up Porter Street onto Connecticut Avenue.

In 1982, my father was thirty-two and I, his youngest child, was three. I demanded that my parents play a 45 of “Duke of Earl” as part of my bedtime ritual. We passed Yuen Hing Palace, the Chinese restaurant where men in dark suits and heavy-framed glasses planned both the Bay of Pigs and Nixon’s visit to China.

The light bulb repurposed as a positive temperature coefficient resistor is to the right of the upper section of variable capacitor which is itself the large structure in center.

The HP200A was the first product made by Hewlett-Packard and was manufactured in David Packard's garage in Palo Alto, California.

For castle hours and directions, you can visit its website.

And if you really want to make it a Disney-themed experience, pack an outfit accordingly.

The 200CD became a ubiquitous audio generator in engineering laboratories worldwide from the 1950s to the 1990s.

But while wedging your way through the crowd towards Cinderella and Prince Charming, autograph book in hand, did you ever stop and wonder where the animation pioneer found his inspiration?

Alcázar de Segovia has a history far preceding the world of Disney, however – dating all the way back to the early 12th century – first as an Arab fort, then as a palace, housing many a king, then eventually a prison, and finally a military academy.