This is shown by his participation in Service Club activities for the Saki case, the Service Club's Chiba Village summer camp, and also in the cultural committee of Sobu High.Despite being social, he is naive in some aspects of social relation.

A distinguishing piece of clothing he wears is the Bolo Tie.

It is typically associated with western wear, especially in the United States.

His popularity seems to have exceeded Sobu High as Kaori Orimoto and her friend Chika Nakamachi from Kaihin Sougou High School were interested in meeting him.

Kaori also adds on that there are bunch of girls who want to meet him but not specifying any school or group.

Later, he revealed that he has an inferiority complex towards Hachiman, and "hated" him for it.

In order to get along with everyone as per his own motto, he consciously decides to choose no sides.

Hayama also was mentioned to have too much pride by Haruno.

Hayama once admitted to Hachiman that he is not a nice guy as everyone thinks of him.

He has won every match held by the judo club in succession until the semi-finals, but had to bail in the finals due to circumstances involving his clique.

He has won the Sobu High marathon for two successive years.

Hayato Hayama is a central figure in class 2-F and the ace of the Soccer club.