As a plus, you can probably use it to trim your vaj, too.

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Dating three months christmas gift advice Darting naked

Anything sleek, classic, and vaguely expensive looking will suffice.

Class Pass: Group fitness is such a legitimate phenomenon that gone are the days when Class Pass was only good for barre and spin classes.

$100 says he uses the phone dongle more than anything else, but not having a screwdriver when you need one is really fucking annoying.

Some Decent Cologne: I can't begin to tell you which kind exactly, because everyone's different and everyone likes different smells.

The trouble with most workouts is that you get bored of the routine, and this is obviously the opposite of that.

The other option is for your fat fuck boyfriend to become a Cross Fitter, and I promise you don't want that.No one's saying you need to buy a sex swing, just change it up a little bit. Post some anonymous n00dz to r/gonewild and have some hot sex to the thought of a bunch of Reddit nerds fapping and diddling themselves to your naked splendor.Break out a vibe and do some diddling while he watches. Anything to convince him that his best days aren't behind him, really.Tile Mate: If there's one thing I know to be true of my gender, it's that we lose shit CONSTANTLY—not least of all because it's so much easier to whine "honeyyyyy, have you seen my keys?" But you're probably not on a pet name level yet, and you certainly don't live with him. It's a little gadget that attaches to whatever he wants, so when he loses it, his phone can help him find it.He'll look better, and you can use the time to nurse your crippling insecurity—a win-win!