Because if you don’t do it yourself, then it’s not real success. Living in a new culture makes me question my own, which is healthy, I suppose. I just wish that America lived up to what non-Americans believe it to be. Meet thousands of fun, attractive, Rwanda men and Rwanda women for FREE. Click on any of the cities in Rwanda below to meet members looking to chat with you. I'm someone generous and peaceful,like helping,no matter which help.Mainly, I’ve been really irritated with perceptions of America that you encounter here.

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I’ve also been asked this question by several Rwandan men: “Would you ever be able to love a black man like me?

” Even when the question is less about race than romance, it still catches me off guard.

I’ve tried time and time again to explain that there is, but when I do I’m usually asked, “if everyone can have a job, why would anyone choose to be poor? And since they assume that everyone has access to jobs, many Rwandans also assume that if they were to make it to America they would have a comfortable sum of money.

But how do you explain that minimum wage is not living wage?

Perhaps it’s because I personally can’t understand how you’d decide on something as serious as love based on the color of one’s skin and nothing else.

I have so much trouble explaining how it works in America.Because as soon as I go that direction they ask why such a strong government like America’s would be so dumb as to make minimum wage too low to live on.It’s simply not possible that they would design such a thing. The next conclusion that some jump to is that perhaps the issue is race, and in America we do not like black people. One of my host siblings asked me what people would call him, as a black man, in the United States.I always explain that yes, of course, if I found a black man that I truly loved and respected, of course I could love him.However, at this moment I am committed to someone else, so no, I will not marry you.How can you tell someone that this land that they’ve dreamed of is a fictional media creation?