Joe knows Jane has been stressed about work lately so he plans a nice dinner for tonight.

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She believes that when we are driving, our driving should be our first priority. All the workers there know the economy is slow and that the plant is having trouble getting orders.

She thinks this guy should only have a right to drive if he is going to do so responsibly. They value their jobs and their relationships with others and so they are all committed to making sure the operation is successful.

Perhaps the largest group of fiduciaries is parents.

Parents have the right to make decisions about what their children will or will not do because they have responsibility for the children's welfare.

Some of this abuse arises out of confusion about the rights and responsibilities we give to others on our behalf.

We may be expecting others to look out for us when they have no sense that they have a responsibility to do so.Not everyone has the right to flag down drivers and force them to pull off the road.Police officers have that right because they have a responsibility to maintain public safety.Reciprocal Relationships A reciprocal relationship is one in which each party bears a responsibility for the welfare of the other and, thus, each has certain rights.The stability of the relationship comes from the extent to which those rights and responsibilities are balanced.This question of abuse--how we define it and how we respond to it--is a theme of the next chapter.