The road is named after the market town of Newmarket in Suffolk, east of Cambridge.The Abbey Stadium, home of Cambridge United Football Club is to the south of the road.He died within a few months of the surrender of the abbey, and may never have received his generous pension of £333.

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Musical phrases will be triggered one after the other, as the kites playfully weave in and out of melodies and minimalist rhythms in flight.

The sporting history of Newmarket, the expanse of the sea and sky, and movement in dance all play their part as important inspirations whilst writing the Newmarket Kite Symphony!

The property of the Abbey of St Edmund was surrendered to the Crown on 4th November 1539 but much of the wealth had already been confiscated in the previous year.

After the dissolution in 1539, the rights of the Abbot returned to the Crown.

Over the course of the last three months, artist R. Sánchez-Camus (Marcelo), kite specialist Zachary De Santos together with local Newmarket artist Paula Wilson, have been working with local community members, designing, making and flying specialised kites.

the kites will become part of Newmarket Carnival procession followed by hands-on kite-making activities at the Severals, and finally the Newmarket Kite Symphony performance at the Long Hill from 4.15pm.

Newmarket Road continues a short way towards the city centre, becoming Maid's Causeway and then Jesus Lane.

To the east, the road becomes the A1303 and crosses the A14 at a major roundabout, continuing further east and parallel to the A14 out of the city.

Known as the headquarters of British racing, Newmarket's Rowley Mile course features a clutch of top quality events such as the 10 Guineas in early May and Champions Day in October.