Instead of imagining the worst,think of yourself going into a public place or a social event and see it going smoothly.

People are drawn to others who seem welcoming and approachable.

Think about the body language you are giving off in social settings.

Shy people tend to analyze more and their thinking style can hinder their progress.

Here are ten top tips for reducing shyness and introducing more sociability into your life.

It can be hard work for shy people to meet friends.

Shyness is a combination of genetics and upbringing and in its most severe form, it is referred to as a social phobia or social anxiety.

Charismatic people tend to be those personality types that make others feel good about themselves.

They are positive, open and are genuinely interested in those around them. Try not to feel that all the pressure is on you to keep the conversation going either.

You would be more likely to completely ignore the shops that seemed closed and pay attention to the shops that seemed open and inviting.