While working her community service at the hospital, she came across paper work that said that Shawn Douglas was Claire's biological father, not Phillip. The test proved that Shawn was Claire's dad and all charges were dropped against Chelsea.Chelsea knew that Shawn would not believe her, so she left the paperwork for Shawn and Belle to find. A fingerprint sample revealed that Chelsea's prints were all over the paper. Abby introduced her geeky cousin, Nick Fallon, to Chelsea one night at Dune.Chelsea was so determined to get Patrick for herself she drugged Patrick, and when that didn't seem to work, she spiked Billie Reed's drink at Alice's, not realizing it would drive Patrick and Billie into each other's arms.

Chelsea was left on her own until Billie Reed stepped up and agreed to assume responsibility for Chelsea, and the two ended up moving in with Patrick Lockhart, much to Chelsea's delight.

Not long after moving in (and a number of close encounters with Max Brady), Chelsea was horrified to learn that the people who had raised her, the Bensons, were not her parents at all -- Bo and Billie were!

When a drugged Chelsea tried to run upstairs, a drugged Ford fell down the stairs while chasing her. Ford's dad threatened to press charges against Chelsea, but Victor stepped in and convinced Ford's dad to let the issue go.

In the spring of 2008, Bo fell sick with a pancreas disease and needed a donor. She donated part of her pancreas to her dad and in the process, suffered an infection during her recovery from the transplant.

Not long after they returned, Chelsea and Nick began dating.

Chelsea found out that Nick had a one night stand with Billie.Chelsea was conflicted over her feelings for Jett, but eventually returned back to Nick.At the end of the summer, Chelsea and Stephanie went back to college and decided to pledge a sorority. One by one, Chelsea's sorority sisters reported that they had been drugged and raped by Ford Decker.Chelsea was terrified that Bo would turn her in, but Billie stepped up to take the blame.Bo found out that Chelsea has been driving the car and tried to protect her, but Hope was furious with Chelsea.Upset over loosing Chelsea's friendship, Nick slept with Chelsea's mother, Billie.