Think about simply the titles of feature stories on women’s magazine covers they walk by, “How to be a Goddess in the bedroom” “100 new positions to try this summer!” As far as men can see, women are privy to every single thing about sex. Shutterstock Men absolutely feel the same pressure to look good that women do. They don’t see any of the little things we fret about.He has to bring his best self to the table, and if he’s been in a relationship for a long time, he may be rusty.

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They become kids around their friends, using weird phrases, lots of dirty language and all around the vocabulary of kindergarteners.

Women tend to make a point of being well spoken in all situations, and that intimidates your man.

Do his poor ego a favor and gush over the frog earrings he bought you.

Shutterstock He’ll tell you he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him, and that your friends can take him or leave him and that you’re the only one whose opinion matters, but that’s not true: he wants your BFF on his side.

Shutterstock If you’re a hardworking, ambitious woman, your guy wants to support your career in any way he can. When you vent about work stress, do you want him to give you advice, or just listen?

, I've been insecure about the fact that men need space in relationships. When 1,040 married couples were surveyed in 2012, results revealed that husbands are keener on spending time with their spouses than are wives.

” Shutterstock Let’s face it: women can be martyrs.

It’s in our nature as maternal beings to take on the pain and struggles of others—to spend our own energy on the happiness and improvement of other people.

Shutterstock They seem so blissfully aloof, tell you that you overthink things, and say women are worriers, but you know what?