Survey of India completed the GPS and Levelling work in October 2003. have constituted a Committee for Airfield Environmental Management under the Chairmanship of the Chairman, BDA. And it was felt that a Sub-committee conducted a meeting and joint inspection of problematic areas around HAL Airport on 7.5.2003 under the leadership of Sri Rin Sanga, the Chairman, BDA and Airfield Environment Management Committee.

data collection updating plan-34

The Plan considers the present situation, the various growth trends at work and future issues. Likewise authority also receives application for approval of development of plan for group Housing.

It integrates key influencing factors including City's natural environment, its heritage, and issues of economic efficiency and social equality. In this case if it is more than Ground Four and above Floors, No Objection Certificates from Air Port Authority, Telecom (BSNL) Fire-Authority receives applications for change of land use from Residential to Commercial, Industrial to Residential, Public and Semi Public to Residential etc.

Digital data and hard copies of the corrected maps are adequate to carry out planning surveys and planning studies.

Therefore, work on Second Revision to CDP could commence from April, 2003.

A transaction, in this context, is a sequence of information exchange and related work (such as database updating) that is treated as a unit for the purposes of satisfying a request.

Transactional data can be financial, logistical or work-related, involving everything from a purchase order to shipping status to employee hours worked to insurance costs and claims.

The position of the points, with reference to the World Geodetic System in terms of co-ordinates was to be determined using Global Position System (GPS) receivers by observing satellites.

This work had been entrusted to the Survey of India considering the technical, operational and cost parameters.

As a part of transactional records, transactional data is grouped with associated master data and reference data.

Transactional data records a time and relevant reference data needed for a particular transaction record.

For this purpose Government in December 1998 approved the proposal of BDA for getting maps prepared from Aerial Photography by the NRSA of Hyderabad.