You can send a note to the email address below to request the picture, but you must know the This is a new (and experimental!

Creek on line cam 2cam-26

This involves a transmit/receive terminal located at the remote site.

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Additionally, a full-time internet connection isn't always practical even if there is a telephone line.

The answer is that the connection is made via a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) satellite connection.

Get out there and pack a whole year's worth of adventures into one month. The gift from August usually lingers for the first half of September giving lots of sunny days.

Book your time off for now, send the kids back to school, and enjoy the ideal time to absorb the last bit of sun you will see for the next 10 months. We had such a great 1.5 months of summer and we probably need the rain anyways.

These movies were started at the end of December 2010 and are growing every day.

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July Congratulations you made it to summer in Vancouver. Typically a huge ridge of high pressure parks itself over the coast and we are left with nothing but sun. Embrace the holiday season because it is going to be a long, wet slog until July rolls around again.