These instructions are designed to expose the user to the different aspects of valve sizing.

The step-by-step method outlined in this section is the most common method of sizing.

Valtek has programmed the ANSI/ISA sizing Equations and procedures, making computer-aided sizing avail- able on IBM-PC or compatible computers.

These programs permit rapid control valve flow capacity calculations and valve selection with minimal effort.

Control valves are the workhorse of our facilities, continually functioning to ensure our systems work as intended.

A properlyspecified, engineered, designed, installed, and maintained controlvalve can be one of the most profitable investments a facility can have, while a control valve that "does not work well" can be an increased risk of injury (more exposure of maintenance personnel working on the valve), and disruption to your system.

Check the scholarships to see whether you are eligible to apply.

Many scholarships are either merit-based or needs-based.

A working knowledge of basic electrical engineering principles is required.

Experience in planning, installation and maintenance of electrical equipment and systems will enable the course to be placed in context.

This introductory seminar utilizes a workshop approach enabling individual participation and hands-on experience in control valve sizing and selection for both liquid and gas applications.

Seminar Includes Basic Instruction in: Participant Prerequisites Ideal participants will have 1 year or more experience with control valves and a basic understanding of control valve terminology.

Each delegate will learn through active participation using exercises and practical sessions covering the different types of control valves.