Debt Relief Canada’s goal is to provide help for all Canadians by educating individuals, families and businesses who are struggling with debt, about options besides bankruptcy which include Government debt relief programs, debt settlement, debt consolidation, consumer credit counselling, budget management, financial restructuring and more.

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If your bank has declined your application for a mortgage, or if you have received a notice of default from your bank, we can help you clear those debts and allow you to start rebuilding your credit immediately.

If you have decided to make or have already filed a Consumer Proposal we can, in conjunction with your Trustee, shorten the payout period from 60 months to 2 months to allow you to start rebuilding your credit immediately.

The companies want the deal to close by early January.

Chris Damas, analyst and editor of the BCMI Report and the BCMI Cannabis Report newsletters, said that Aurora could ultimately end up taking Canni Med to court over its offer.“I don’t see them as backing down, judging from their previous behaviour,” Damas said in an interview.

We offer Federal Government programs that allow individuals and businesses to reduce their debt.

Our staff are dedicated to help you find the best solution that fits your financial situation.

Canni Med instead announced a proposed all-share acquisition of its own for Ontario-based cannabis company Newstrike Resources Ltd.

The two companies say that transaction would create a company with a market value of more than 0 million, with Canni Med shareholders ultimately owning approximately 65.5 per cent and Newstrike shareholders 34.5 per cent.

– An elderly couple living on a fixed income had used their credit cards to pay for medical related expenses.

Now healthy, but unable to manage payments on ,000 of debt.

– A single mother of two had ,000 of debt in student loans.