A recent national survey conducted by the American Culture & Faith Institute evaluated people's views about abortion from a variety of angles.It did not arrive at the optimistic view that many in the pro-life movement have projected.An incredible 84%o want to restrict abortion to the first three months of pregnancy or less!

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I also shared some of my frustration concerning the wider American evangelical support of this decision.

A study by Students for Life of America found that just 17% of millennials support anything-goes abortion.

A popular Moody Radio personality was fired amid controversy over a growing liberal theological drift at Moody Bible Institute and allegations of "self-dealing" among the administration and trustees.

Christian publishing company Bethany House said it canceled the July publication of megachurch pastor Andy Savage's book The Ridiculously Good Marriage after he confessed to sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl while he was her youth pastor some 20 years ago.

One great way to worsen our already gaping political divisions is to engage in what Internet chatroom denizens call "nutpicking." That is, the deliberate search for the "nuts" on either side of the political aisle to use as unflattering representations of opponents.

Last week I wrote an article sharing why I, as an evangelical Leader in the Middle East, disagree with President's Trump's Jerusalem declaration.Everyone wants popularity until you can't get away from the crowd, cause there are mistakes in my past that keep screaming out loud," Jennings said in his apology."I hate the mirror and hearing my name, but if I can be an example of being bold then I can be an example of letting my sins be told.I am the chief of sinners and I've come to the end of myself.As many as 215 million followers of Christ around the world are being persecuted because of their faith, according to Open Doors USA's annual World Watch List, which was released Wednesday.The report identified the top 50 nations where Christians are most targeted.The Christian News Network suggested at least six women have come forward so far."I told him I had never been in a serious relationship and so had never been with a guy physically that way before.