The elaborate and colorful universe and the numerous interactions will allow the children to interact with the characters in a unique way.Discover another aspect of story-telling by following Babel in a captivating adventure that will perhaps make him the king he always wanted to be.arim Maaloul was born in the southern suburbs of Tunis.

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Babel is the quarterly language magazine that brings you cutting edge linguistic research in an accessible and colourful format.

Our print and digital issues cover a vast array of language lovers' lore, taking in languages from around the world, the past, present and future of language, and the many different uses of linguistics in the world around us.

For Babel, he uses the various skills acquired throughout his career.

He creates a fascinating and educational story which will entertain the younger children and captivate the older.

You don’t have to go to church, God won’t kick you out of his family if you don’t go, but if you want to follow Jesus then you need to remember that he knows best and choose to go to church because he thinks it is good for us to go!

Some followers of Jesus can’t get to one – but most of us could go if we wanted to, if we thought it was important. It is God’s idea – he designed us, he knows what we need and how we work best and he came up with the idea because he knows that church is good for us, it helps us, we need it.

A good church is a great place to find support during tough and challenging times, a place to find care and love – where people will pray for you, encourage you, help you and be there for you.

Church is where we can worship God together with other people, singing together and being encouraged to worship him more because others around us are singing to him and worshipping him too.

A Christian is someone that follows the Jesus of the Bible.

A church is a place where the God of the Bible is taught about and worshipped.

Church is somewhere you can give your love and talents to bless, help and encourage other people.