The high penetration of broadband Internet access is also fueling the growth in other industries, such as interactive and digital TV services and ecommerce.

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Among companies with 100 employees or more, of which 88% have a Web site, the percentage is even higher.

It is expected that the average amount that Canadians spend online will grow strongly over the next three years.

The growth in mobile phone services is beginning to mimic what was witnessed in Europe a few years ago and the US in 2003.

Consolidation in this segment is on the horizon, with Telus looking to acquire Microcell.

In Canada, broadband is defined as speeds in excess of 64Kbps, a lower threshold than in other countries.

This partially accounts for Canada's high broadband penetration rate.Note: I have reviewed these sites to be sure they are legit.I have not personally used the moving companies, however.Air Canada plane: "Air Canada Boeing 767",, User: abdallahh, accessed August 1, 2011.Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia.Canadians lag behind in the purchasing of clothing, music and videos, gifts and toys.