Trust me when I tell you that YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO THAT!

Go into your basic training with the attitude that you will NOT fail and when it gets tough remember that it is only temporary. I have never been in, but my ex was a former member (got out when our son was 1 month old), From what I can tell from him, his buddies and our roomie (all troopers), is you have to know how to cuss and drink like it's no ones business.

See more Canada Army Men Dating: I do not mess around.

just to make it abit more pleasant if thats at all possable lol.

First of all, people who want this thread deleted as it is portrayed a broadcasting/billboarding, please settle down.

Just your average guy trying out this internet dating site setup for military types.

Barrie, Ontario, Canada Seeking: I work for the Canadian Armed Forces. Hello my name is Robert I'm Yemen State City show photo personals only.

Since I have never been in the forces I can only go based on what I saw living with a trooper and being around his buddies, that obviously does not touch the forces on a whole.

My whole post was tongue in cheek, not as a way to put down soldiers. They say jump, you not only jump, but you ask for more.3.

Unfortunately people assume that we drink more and cuss more.

And some people take these assumptions and put a negative twist on it.^^^ based on my ex and his buddies they were a bunch of drunken fools, though I am not saying all soldiers are like that, I know many that are not like that.

What exactly about uniform dating interests you so much?

They also give me some quiet me time, which I believe everyone needs from time to time.

He is just asking for some insight, we are not here to convert you to our ways.