While everyone else is undone by weakness or emotional frailty or just bad luck, Diaz keeps her face forward.

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Diaz, however, represents pleasure unadorned by humanity or connection.

She’s a portrait of a world where pleasure has been commodified.

Their dialogue is some variation on this: Fassbender: That’s crazy. But the movie quickly sets about deconstructing their Alpha Male-ness.

Fassbender is the star of the movie, but he is a passive protagonist, constantly being acted upon and begging others for help.

The way Bardem describes the action to Fassbender hovers between the clinical and the terrified.

At one point he says, “I don’t know what I thought about it. It was too…gynecological.” Describing Cameron Diaz having sex with a car as “gynecological” is kind of like describing a giant shark attacking a cruise ship as “maritime” or describing Cormac Mc Carthy as “writer-esque.” In the context of the movie’s running moral ambiguity, she might actually be the film’s hero.

Assuming she can secure that breakthrough, let's hope Diaz then knows how to hang back.

She doesn't need to take every comedy offered to her; like Bullock, who signed on to with a savvy director (Paul Feig) and hot co-star (Melissa Mc Carthy) attached, Diaz should only make another comedy if she can secure A-level collaborators.

Starring a mixed-company cast of movie stars, Oscar winners, and internet boyfriends: Michael Fassbender, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt.