She could not wait to go upstairs and use her pc with the internet.But she was stuck helping her mom with the cleaning of the house for her moms work guests that where coming over.t help but think what she would do that night to serve her master.

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Jenna got home at three from an uneventful day at school.

She was so tired that she went strait to her room and fell a sleep.

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She browsed the site for nearly two hours and found that the site had many things on it 1) dare arias 2) stories about dare and sex but what she was most interested in was the slave master aria.

She then decided to do some research on the subject of being a slave and she soon found out that she liked the idea of being a slave but it was already and she was tired so she bookmarked the site and went to bed thinking about if she wanted to be a slave.

Jenna told her she would have to get back to her in a couple of days.

When Jenna got home it was she then had some a roust beef with full trimmings for dinner with her mom until .jennna had to wash the dishes after dinner when she looked at her watch just as she had finished it was now Jenna rushed up to her room and just after she logged on the master X icon came to life.

She decided it couldn Jenna woke up the next morning had a hot steamy shower before getting dressed and going to school.