California is a great place for travel nurses to be licensed.

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Allow them to dry before stacking them or inserting them in to any sort of packaging.

CBRN currently charges a $49 fee for processing manual fingerprints.

Some have commented on this blog that they are using the standard fingerprinting card that can be obtained at any fingerprinting location.

Basically, the cards sent from California are the standard cards.

However, the process may still take longer than normal during peak times.]There are essentially 2 paths you can take to obtain your California RN license by endorsement.

We’ll refer to them as the long path and the short path.

The first, which is the long path, is to request a fingerprint card from the California Board of Registered Nursing (CBRN).

They will send you a paper fingerprint card with all the applicable instructions.

This process is the reason that CBRN quotes 6-8 weeks from the time they receive your completed packet to issue your license.