Day-school tuition is the oft-cited biggest financial savings.

Health insurance, too, can be cheaper in Israel, along with other services.

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Uprooting your life, leaving behind friends, family, and familiarity to build a new life in Israel isn't easy.

Here are ten important tips from people have successfully made the monumental move. Keep an Open Mind Elad Gefen, 27, who works in film and journalism and currently lives in Tel Aviv, highlights open-mindedness and lack of expectations as the number one ingredient for Aliyah success.

And remember: Despite the over-fond memories at times, America was no cake-walk either! The culture here is a warm, tight-knit one where every heart feels another heart.

And most Israelis have a soft spot for the new immigrant who "sacrificed fame and fortune" to move to their humble country.

The lifestyle here is completely different from that abroad, and therein lies the appeal.

To ensure aliyah success, make sure you keep a good attitude and take time to enjoy the life here.

Even a brief walk in many neighborhoods can reveal archaeological treasures and ancient ruins.

If aliyah is a marriage between Israel and the immigrant, keep the spark alive. You can find an inch-thick listing of "Gemachs"-- free loan projects run by modest individuals who lend out anything from baby strollers to medicines to crutches.

When you get offers of help, you may initially be surprised and even embarrassed by them.

After all, in your country of origin you might never have received an offer from a six-year-old next-door neighbor to watch your three children while you sleep! Smile and say, "Okay -- thanks." You will find that most people are offering out of pure good-heartedness; they generally do not dream of being compensated.

During both these trips, they focused extensively on a singular mission: finding the right schools for their children.