Many of her glute exercises include deadlifts, resistance bands and squat movements.

Despite her online fame, the Perth woman is keen to dispel the myths around picture editing.

She often shares the tricks she uses to take a perfect Instagram snap, such as not washing off her fake tan, and posts pictures which show the difference between her real figure and her posed figure.

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Ms Frodsham says she has a true passion for fitness, and is studying to be a nutrition coach.

The social media star is also planning to release an affordable fitness guide, with a focus on legs and glutes.

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'She concluded the post with a reminder to her followers to think strategically about their training.'Remember, results are seen with consistency, dedication and SMART work. She divided these exercises into stretchers, activators and pumpers.'Stretchers are high intensity exercises and you’ll need between 3-4 days rest between activators.

Examples include weighted squats, deadlifts and lunges,' she wrote.'Activators are moderate intensity exercises and you’ll need between 2-3 days rest between stretchers.

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The 28-year-old recently spoke about her exercise routine, specifically to address the amount of time she spent doing squats.