Last week spoof news website Empire News ran a story with "quotes" from Breaking Bad co-creator Vince Gilligan saying that "there is more to Walt's story" and that he was contacted by the show's network, AMC, to make another season.

Empire News quoted Gilligan as saying: "They told me, in no few words, that they couldn’t survive as a company on just the strength of The Walking Dead; as good as people think that show is for some reason, as many records as it might break, it doesn’t have the viewership or the type of rabid fans that Bad has." Those rabid fans have shared the story more than half a million times on Facebook.

In the show's first season, his character Landry Clarke provided comic relief as the best friend of football quarterback Matt Saracen, though Landry himself was not on the team.

Berg, who directed the film, explained that he knew how comfortable Kitsch was with Plemons: "I know that he's really good for Taylor and he makes Taylor better. I never thought of it as a Friday Night Lights reunion.

In 2017, Plemons portrayed disenfranchised programmer Robert Daly in the Black Mirror episode "USS Callister".

Plemons has long been noted for his resemblance to actors Matt Damon and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Most recently, Plemons starred in an episode of Black Mirror, "USS Callister".

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