And like the Prime Minister, I was extremely lucky to be diagnosed with the condition when I was.

Retinal tear floaters are different - they are black and numerous, and you might also develop a slight veil effect, usually only across part of your vision.

If you experience a sudden increase in floaters - especially black ones - it might be the first sign of a retinal tear, and you should seek medical help.

Then the flying insects arrived - I was swiping the air to brush away the flies fluttering around my head - except I couldn't really seem them and realised pretty quickly they were inside my eye.

Just like Gordon Brown, I had fallen victim to a torn retina.

Instead, he draaaagged out that divorce for a good long time… While Elizabeth Taylor would have never gotten engaged at AT&T Park – or any ballpark for that matter – congratulations to our classy couple, Kim and Kanye! Kim Kardashian continues to try to emulate Elizabeth Taylor.

and even took the ring back (Elizabeth would have never let that happen! Let’s see how fast Kim can zip this one through the turnstile. Today she posted a selfie on Instagram copying another iconic Liz Taylor pose: In case you are so stunned by the similarity between the two women that you can’t tell the difference, Kim is the one on the left.

Source: Blind So Kim Kardasian and Kanye West just got engaged. This is the first marriage for Kanye, but the third marriage for Kim.

If he had truly cared one iota about Kim, he would have allowed himself to be engaged, married, and divorced in the six months he was allotted! But after the divorce went through, she was cleared for takeoff once again!

By our calculations, her reality fame clock is ticking down, and she needs to get at least one more marriage and baby under her belt before she turns 35! The photo on the right was taken by famed photographer Herb Ritts in 1991. So, what do you think of the comparison between Kim and Liz?