A short one-shot.• "All who fall under your gaze become accused of a silent crime… Discovering magic early, it becomes his greatest joy and deepest secret. AU What if Naruto ended up not on Team 7 or any of the other Teams, but one of those that didn't make the original cut? With different teammates and a new Jounin Sensei, what will happen in Naruto's future? Seventeen-year-old Hatake Kakashi sat down with the bundle cradled against his stomach, almost as still as the thing in his arms. Powerful/Independent Harry, eventual slash, OCs, pre-Hogwarts. Naru Sasu Naru, canonish AUHis whole life, Tom Foster has had reoccuring dreams about a boy nearly identical to him, Tom Riddle. Azula took her growing anger and stuffed it down into her stomach. It's a bad sign when you start to feel cold in July - not that you have to worry now. Main pairing: Naruto Hinata Temari Rating may go up in later chapters. Now if only Kakashi can make his team understand that. He is slowly introduced to a normal life and the world outside his cupboard. Harry's godmother gains custody of a young HP and escapes to America where he learns a new way of magic and carves a new path for himself. A decision made in the heat of the moment leaves Sasuke questioning his past, his future, and his convictions, all while dealing with an ancient, all-powerful fox demon whose grudge transcends both time and space. What do you do when you can't go to your friends for help? Requires no knowledge of or affection for Twilight canon. "You might as well help yourself to a book, as it is your time that we're wasting." "You don't consider this a waste of your time? He did not walk toward me so much as fall against me, body crumpling in a graceful arch. "You're alive" he breathed, so softly that only I could have heard him. The sane are usually attracted by other things than power. At age 9, Sarutobi decides Naruto is ready to find out about the Uzumaki clan and their power: to control the rivers of the Underworld.

Guide Naruto as he trains in shinobi villages around the world. Naruto Harem In the future, the Core and the Colonies are butting heads, wreaking havoc on the shipping trade. Harry is 7 years old and treated literally like a dog by the Dursleys. Will he ever be fit to take on the mantle of The Boy Who Lived? warning:extreme child abuse, violence In her fleeting moments of self awareness Hinamori wonders if it's worth waking up. which was a nice way of saying he didn't think it was for him.

Couriers between the worlds are hard pressed to find work, and a small group of people find that saving themselves won't be enough. Ed, Al and Noah have all moved to America, but Edward is stunned when he recieves a phone call from Munich regarding the gate. A series of flashbacks inspired by different visitors to her bedside, aimed towards dissecting the history between Aizen and Hinamori. He couldn't see the demon speaking, held as he was, but he could feel the words as they reverberating through its throat and chest: “Free me NOW.” [A rewriten excerpt of pages 317 through 320 of Ao S. For Lessa.]After You Know Who's return, shortly before the permanent removal of Professor Umbridge, the Ministry attempt to promote House Unity. But then his little son was brought out to him, cleaned and wrapped and beautiful. Egypt AU.]Kakashi takes a moment to wrap his mind around equating Ino’s chest with enemy shinobi while Asuma begins beating his head against the table and groaning about how he didn’t sign up for this.

When the fight on the bridge takes an unusual turn, the whole Naruto tale changes, based off the one-shot Mirror, by Uchiki na Kage, see what happens when a hidden truth is exposed see inside for better summary Rated M for content10 truths from Naruto's POV. -Joukai, complete.-Ever since I was born I saw these numbers and visions. It was a normalcy to see these things above people's heads. He develops a bloodline long thought lost to the world and learns along the way that, though he may be hated for his demon, his Will of Fire will burn brightly. DHr With little distractions like ninja wars out of the way, Naruto and Gaara finally have time to hang out and be friends. As far as he knows, Yuki was born to Honda Katsuya and Kyoko.

But it wasn't going to stay that way and he was clueless as to what he should be doing. But when he discovers that they are really memories, he must make a difficult choice - to remain a reflection or to find his own destiny. Domino hits a heat wave, Jounouchi can't get any sleep, nobody can keep the power on, and if Kaiba acts any weirder, the world really will end. As a child, Naruto is taken in by Sarutobi to be his chosen successor to the mantle of Hokage.

He will get much more than he had bargained for, When Ino met her dream boy, it was on a bus to New York, and it took her several hours to learn his name and stop calling him 'Pinapple Head'. Kenshin knew this as he prepared to kill him, yet still he hesitated.

Sakura, on the other hand, literally ran into hers and got cake all over his shirt. A chance encounter with Jiraiya when Naruto was seven leads to a very different route in Uzumaki Naruto's shinobi career. I've come to actually dislike Jiraiya's character.. Tsuki Hyuuga and Motoko Uchiha are given a SS class mission, six years after Kyuubi attacks. CRUDE JOKES.]Up until that point, he was unsure about fatherhood... The journey from hitokiri to rurouni a mentally angstbusting change. What was running through his mind in those few moments he paused? But still, most believe it wouldn't survive a day with Uzumaki Naruto as Rokudaime. In the postapocalyptic world of the 22nd Century, Voldemort rules all. The Resistance sends the Weasley family’s last descendant back in time to the year 1943 to kill the boy Lord Voldemort once was: Tom Riddle. Can Tristan and his band of morons save the world from the most unlikly world ender ever? AU, first in the main Dangerverse series, now complete. I'm currently attempting the mythical world of Adulting by trying to publish and trying to find a nine to five with a freshly earned bachelor's degree. There weren't supposed to be any survivors, but Chief Hakoda couldn't bring himself to kill the Fire Nation boy. Fugaku wonders when he'll be able to get back to his paperwork. Naruto Sasu Naru (An Ideal World Fic)Haruno Sakura has resigned herself to a life of obscurity in the ninja forces, forever outshone by her two best friends. (An Alternate Sakura story.):: Year 2 Divergence:: What does it take, to reshape a child? Now a confused young wizard stumbles into it, and carves out a destiny. Somewhat sad, but a glimpse into the heart of one of the most misunderstood of Masashi Kishimoto's characters. A misunderstanding on his part leads him to say things he shouldn't have. Valentine's Day turns out to be rather rough while Tea tries to come to terms with Atem's departure. I love my family, creativity, cities, my spoiled pets, and lazy days at home. Sasuke decides to rant about the totally unromantic, completely platonic, and mutually loathsome non-relationship he shares with his teammate, Naruko Namikaze. (Harry's Gryffindor traits were always so much scarier than other peoples'.)Ten years ago, Voldemort created his kingdom. What will he do when confronted by his clan's legacy? Short, introspective one-shot of Itachi's thoughts as he looks upon a sleeping Sasuke just before he starts off on another mission. Now Naruto sets out to achieve his dream of not only becoming Hokage, but protecting the village and everyone in it. Naru Harem Tsunade has Sai address an assembly of shinobi, giving them all a chance to get to know him better. What there is, is a secret known only to the Konoha Council. How much stronger would he get now that he's focused on training? It's the holiday of love and romance, but what if you've lost the one you care about? A little girl with superpowers has to act tougher than a little boy, a superhero being friends with little girls is different than a superhero being friends with little boys - and that's just the first chapter. Mainly Smallville and Nolan/Bale Batman verse."I don't believe in violence," I said in a tone of false calm. Getting a glimpse into his world, she decides to give him a helping hand. How would Naruto's life have changed if he'd had a relatively normal early childhood, someone who cared about him during his most impressionable years?