h) being the exact opposite of a loser (a failure monetarily and socially) i) promoting survival and good genetics while refraining from jealousy, passive aggressive SWPL and IBS tactics The vast majority of men are very indirect about their desires sexually.

They’re not concerned with other people’s opinions.

Although this is kind of badass, it can also make social situations awkward.

They don’t do well when they’re blown off course, and change doesn’t suit them.

Dating is about change and adjustment, and they don’t do well with that. Since they don’t do well with their own emotions, you can just imagine how poorly they do with yours. Dating can be emotional, so dating a dude who doesn’t like your emotions or his can be tough. Don’t expect him to placate you with lies about how good that dress looks if it doesn’t.

Guy 1: Why do most alpha males have penis sizes that are only slightly above average?

Guy 2: Because most people are close to the average, and being genetically lucky to cause FCE often doesn't lead to much personal development.Understanding women is not on their list of strengths and they basically suck at it.We hear ALL THE TIME about being "the alpha male", how women always seek "the alpha male", "the alpha male" is more highly respected, etc.o be frank the term "alpha male" imo is being so overused that it lost its meaning.If you’re the kind of girl who needs a soft, emotionally in-touch guy, an alpha male is probably the wrong choice for you. Although this would seem like a positive, their total lack of concern over other men can be off-putting.It’s nice that they know that they’re the only ones and they don’t see other guys as a threat, but sometimes it would be satisfying to know that another man’s affection for you rattled them, even just a little. Alpha males are set in their ways and are dedicated to moving towards their goals.Guy 2: A real alpha male takes responsibility for his actions.