This scheme follows the practice in Pascal Brugiers' great International Aircraft Register, one of the major sources for the information presented below. If you would like to contribute comments or corrections, I would be happy to hear them - just send me an e-mail.

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Additionally, all aircraft with their own page are listed on the Individual Aircraft Pages List. Was at Wroughton, UK on 3 July 1993 with former owner Luc Dom (photo)F-BJCJ.

If you want such a page for your aircraft and have the necessary information available, just drop me a note and we will work something out. Info about current owner and home base supplied 18 July 2000 by José Vandamme. It was officially registred in Belgium on 17/03/88 on name of Mr. DW: damaged and registration cancelled 1986, thereafter restored and re-registered 12/93.

I would also be very happy to hear from present and past owners of DR.100 series aircraft - perhaps even get photos from different years and interesting tidbits of information. The aircraft was at one time owned by Rainer Messerschmidt from Göppingen, Germany, together with some other pilots.

Current DR.100 series aircraft owners -- please let me know if you're flying or restoring and send me photos if you have them. DW: Re-registered 10/1993.: News from the owners: The aircraft is still registered in France, but owned by Joanne, Jörg and Ekkehard in an area of Germany called Rheinhessen. : Uwe Malter supplied the first photo of D-EDNF taken summer 1998 at Rerik-Zweedorf (EDCR), Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

Due to the size of the table contained on this page (approx. Formatting of the table takes quite long with Netscape but works rather fast with Microsoft Internet Explorer :-( I have made an attempt to find information on all the Jodel DR.100 series aircraft ever built. The right-hand gear failed at its attachment point to the wing, bending to an angle of approximately 45 and the right wing came to rest on the runway. ex F-BJUE (03/1961-12/1973), OO-VDV (12/1973- ), G-IOSO (-). First flight in Belgium under registration OO-VDV on 8 December 1973 at Moorsele Airfield, Belgium where it was flying until March 2000. Aircraft sold 05 April 2000 to Alan Jackson in the UK, to be re-registered G-IOSO.

This information was collected from a variety of sources and its accuracy cannot always be verified. Damage was sustained by a number of wing ribs and the attachment bracket for the aileron cable in the right wing." ex F-BJRB, D-EJRB, SE-XGC. Found in a listing of X-class aircraft in Sweden on a page of EAA Chapter 222. Was at Epinal RSA Meeting in 1999 (Picture by Sren Andersen). from Air-Britain News - UK Register: First registered in the UK as G-IOSO on .

Now that this is mostly done, almost all aircraft have been traced down. Not too much work was done on the project until I bought the pieces with a friend in October last year [1999].

This doesn't mean that all are current (that is where YOU could help! Since then we have replaced the tailplane with an all flying type, modified the cockpit area and plan to fit the Wilksch diesel engine - we showed the beginnings of the installation at this years PFA rally - the plan is to fly into next years rally." DW: Stored since 1971.

I have no "official" evidence of this, but you just need to look and compare, I have already had the occasion to do so: the difference is rather striking! The colours are white and a mid metallic blue with a darker metallic blue over the cowling.