Date(s): 21/01/18 See show times Drama, passion and fabulous music in Puccini's operatic thriller.

If I spill all the beans, then no one will trust me, no one will hire me.'At 43, his career is hobbling along and he needs to keep working.

As Lucas says, it's a short step from a stint in Doctor Who's Tardis, which he completed this year, to a humiliating spell in the Celebrity Big Brother house, which he ardently wishes to avoid.

They took a show to the Edinburgh Fringe, showcasing comic creations like Sir Bernard Chumley, an amiable buffer with a short fuse, and Res Erection The Christian stripper.

Walliams played a psychopathic prisoner on the run who had a dreadful line in sexist jokes and one of the double act's earliest catchphrases: 'Nice one lads, sorry women! 'The show attracted the attention of Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, who invited Lucas to play a giant baby in a pink romper suit, keeping score on their panel game Shooting Stars.

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Blocked: Oliver and Kaltun Cockerell were due to move into a house in West Hampstead, London, when a group of 11 squatters took over.

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The legal move by the tribunal judge gives even more opportunities to squatters A list of empty state-owned properties and private homes owned by companies or trusts rather than individuals in Camden must be provided to the Advisory Service under Judge Henderson’s ruling at the Information Rights Tribunal.

Judge Henderson heard evidence from Camden Council that almost all squatting involves criminal damage, that squatters jump the queue for scarce public housing and that police link squatting with vandalism, drugs and threatening behaviour.

'A typical gag ran: 'What's the difference between a radical feminist and a bin-liner? It was a tough introduction to TV: not only were Reeves and Mortimer notoriously unpredictable performers, but the director insisted on filming Lucas's contributions at the end of the day, when the guests had gone and a tired audience was ready to shuffle home.