The camp will allow adults to experience what it's like to be an LSU baseball player for one weekend.Campers will occupy the Alex Box Stadium locker room, attend team meetings conducted by coach Paul Mainieri, and participate in the same practice and game routines that the current LSU players go through.

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The campers will work together, have fun, and develop talents in a wholesome, supportive environment.

Ruzich has coached the SSC Baseball Program for the past 31 years with a winning record of 1112-654. 16 • pm- pm The camps are located at Bulldog Field on SSC's Main Campus at 15800 South State Street, South Holland, IL.

It’s a place where singing ‘til the sunrise, hand-written love notes, pranks, sharing our last bites, laying under the stars, dancing barefoot, taking time to reflect, crying because it feels good sometimes, actually laughing out loud, getting our hands covered in paint, the endless smell of campfires on our clothes, holding hands, eye contact, and exploring the great outdoors are valued most.

Camp Is A Special Place It’s a home away from home, a space where the simplest moments are magical, everyone is celebrated, and smiles are the affirmation of the extraordinary.

Read Press Release Our Tampa Bay Stars coaches are all retired MLB players and are the youngest group of coaches in fantasy baseball camps.

With the names we know so well from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays as well as other teams they all played for right into the 21st century.

Amongst the hidden nooks of trees, lakes, creeks, rivers and bridges, we find the space to explore – remembering what being human really feels like.

At camp we cannonball into the endless possibilities of life, as we share stories, silly games and the unknown… wherever you are is exactly where you are supposed to be.

BATON ROUGE - Registration is now open for the LSU Baseball "Fantasy Camp," which will be held January 15-16 at Alex Box Stadium. Enrollment is limited to the first 45 adults to register at