It is used by Human Resources (HR) and Organizational Development (OD) consultants as a catalyst to open discussions on difficult issues and facilitate learning about how conflict-handling modes affect personal, group, and organizational dynamics.

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Whether you’re a nurse manager or an advancement-minded staff nurse, one of the best career strategies you can employ is to become adept at managing and resolving conflict.

Many experts have studied the ways in which people respond to conflict.

Interpretation and feedback materials help you learn about the most appropriate uses for each conflict-handling mode.

The TKI is an online assessment that takes about fifteen minutes to complete.

" Because no two individuals have exactly the same expectations and desires, conflict is a natural part of our interactions with others.

Kilmann (August 2015):"The Joy of Having Created the TKI Assessment!

None of us can be characterized as having a single style of dealing with conflict.

But certain people use some modes better than others and, therefore, tend to rely on those modes more heavily than others—whether because of temperament or practice.

Some people vary their responses to a conflict situation depending on the type of conflict or on the type of relationship they have to the person involved.

Other people choose to use one approach for all conflicts regardless of varying factors or relationships.

We have natural preferences for the conflict style that we will use, based on our personalities.