An Aries insists on being the head of the table — leading and challenging people – on every step.

Bursting with much creative energy, delightful smile and passionate ideas, Aries are extremely attention grabbing at any of the social gatherings that they attend.

They are very emotional beings and believe whole heartedly in each cause they fight for, eventually achieving victory with little effort.

Her need for constant communication gets fulfilled by him. This relationship thrives on adventures and thrills.

Together, they will explore, talk, love and have lots and lots of fun.

Coupled with a short term memory and the tendency to overlook negative consequences, Aries tend to find themselves in trouble, especially financially.

This seems to play into their ability to live with little or no stress.Compatibility of Gemini Man and Aries Woman A high energy combination sharing mutual interests. She will have to control her flirtatious nature or there may be serious problems between the two.Compatibility of Gemini Woman and Aries Man Astrology says the Aries man and Gemini woman embrace challenges, variety and adventure.One can find them either whistling a happy tune or belting out with a cranky attitude. This helps them remain free of obligations and responsibilities.It allows them to explore many avenues in live and leaves them open to meeting new people. An Aries and a Gemini love fighting for a cause, and share the same talent for creative persistent salesmanship.Fortunately, the typical Aries senses the duality of Gemini and is usually willing to give it room to make the relationship extremely beneficial to the Gemini as well as themselves.