the thing i liked the most tho was that my friends decided it was an anti-baby shower and all the presents were for me!!

got loads of nice toiletries, new pjs, slippers, nice wee wicker basket filled with pads, breast pads, bio oil, facial wipes and mini toiletries for my bag.

I got cotton buds, nappy sacks, bibs, baby shapoo, wash etc. Seperate to that another group of 2/3 did the baby drugs..

so calpol, sudacream, bepanthum, saline drops, cradle cap stuff etc.

You could include things like getting some shopping in, household help, babysitting et al.

i had my baby shower a few weeks ago and it was fab!

I actually bought 2 from here for my friend; she had a 2 year old so she has one of each of her boys on her mantle.

Very sweet & reasonably priced Baby Art Magic Box - Best gift I got at mine was prob the cheapest lol.

Hope this helps, I am just thinking the kind of things I would like!

I def think something for her that she really likes ok I know its a baby shower but mums are often forgotten in all the excitement.

Also pamper products are nice but I don't fit in the bath at this late stage, lol, so maybe that's a gift for after or maybe your cous can save it.

I have a few ideas: -Perhaps do her some gift vouchers of things you promise to do for her after the baby is born....example do her cleaning/ironing/bring her dinner round/babysit? -Or cook her some meals to put in her freezer so she does not have to worry so much after baby comes.

Might just be me but I can't really see the point in a baby shower if u have everything people want to buy for baby lol xxx at my baby shower I had a lot of toiletries!!!!